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IMVU TIPS How to Get Free IMVU Credits Easy PC/Android/ iOS February 2020

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IMVU TIPS – How to Get Free IMVU Credits Easy! (PC/Android/ iOS) February 2020

How to Redeem a IMVU Gift Card

1: Click here to go to the IMVU Gift Cards page.
2: Look for the redemption code located at the back of the gift card. Lightly scratch the gray coating to reveal the code.
3: Enter the code in the field provided then click the Redeem Now!! button.
4: Wait for the confirmation of your IMVU credits (and any bonus items associated with the card) to be added to your account.

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(UPDATED) IMVU Online Hack

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(UPDATED) IMVU Online Hack

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Hello, Now I’m going to show you how to hack IMVU apk with adding unlimited Credits to my new account. Make sure you are following my steps. Now Open a mobile browser and enter the website shown in video or in the comments. First you need to enter your username that you have choose in the game, select your platform and connect to IMVU Hack Online Server. Then you need to verify yourself and for that you need to install 2 applications (games) and play it for 30 seconds each and to do what the instructions tells you. I will do it to show you how simple is it , now let’s go back to the game IMVU and see if the Unlimited Credits is added successfully to my IMVU account for IMVU Generator.

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In my opinion this game is the best survival phone game. The graphics and gameplay is awesome. Controls are really smooth, its easy to understand but difficult to master. We actually have a team in the squad mode. Only drawback and problem is that we can’t chat properly on voice chat with the team mates during the fights Generator.

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