how i got +4000 credits | imvu credit hack 2019

(UPDATED) IMVU Online Hack

today im gonna show you guys how to get IMVU credits fast and easy without those hacking generators, if you liked the video leave a like and comment imvu video suggestions. I am not a liar, this works if you actually put very little effort into these surveys. Also, subscribe for more imvu videos ? if you’re lazy, just follow the steps down below

STEP 1 : Click “Complete A Survey”
STEP 2 : Press the one that shows your desired credits
STEP 3 : Make sure to pay attention to the first steps because they try to trick you
STEP 4 : When they start asking actual questions like your age, answer truthfully, or randomly {i chose randomly lol}

Once you finish your survey, a screen should pop up saying that you earned your credits


MY IMVU : @AmaraKeilani

imvu #Carmen.

(UPDATED) IMVU Online Hack